3 bars from Bangkok to spend the night

Spending a good night with friends or acquaintances is very important when you travel. We are supposed to go out for a good time and enjoy the tour. Okay, enjoying the day is important, but we should also take advantage of the nightlife Bangkok offers us, especially when the views are incredible. Next I will present 3 bars that you can visit if you are on a city tour.
1. Glow: It is located in Klongton-nue, Thailand. It’s a simple bar that you can attend if you do not want to spend too much money, but just want to go out for a while. For the tourist is very easy to ignore it, since its entrance is a little hidden. Residents love this bar and are very frequent visitors. It is a good place to have some drinks and to dance, since its music is quite good and unique. To attend this bar you do not need to go too elegant, casual clothing is enough, just remember to take a jacket in case the weather changes a little at night, and make sure you buy the best travel backpack so you can use it day and night.

2. Above Eleven: Let’s go up a little of category and height. This bar is located in Klong Toey, Thailand on top of a skyscraper. They put dancing music like bachata and salsa. In addition, you can eat between different dishes of the fusion between Peruvian and Asian food, which is on their menu and all for a very economic price. That its elegance does not make you believe that it is too expensive. On the contrary, when you leave it you will want to return to Bangkok to visit it again.

3. Sirocco Bar: this bar is very similar to “Above Eleven”, also located in a skyscraper, in the Lebua At State Tower (floor 62). Hangover 2 scenes were shot on it. It has two terraces, a small quite intimate and a larger one. The prices are a little steep so be careful with what you order. Otherwise, you’ll want to return to this bar soon.

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