Berlin, city of bars

Berlin is a beautiful city by day and by night. So, here are a few bars in Berlin that you should go to if you are looking for fun or just hanging out with friends while traveling.

The Tausend Bar is the first on this list because it is quite curious. If you walk down the street, you probably do not even notice that this bar is there. It is a little hidden, just below the train tracks of Bahnhof Friedrichstrasse. Its door is metallic and when you open it, you really do not expect it to be so luxurious and elegant inside. The entrance is not the best, but its fame itself. In this bar you will find as decoration curved glass sculptures, shiny steel walls, among others. With these details you can already realize that it is a rather glamorous bar. An important fact for smokers, is that you can light your cigarettes inside. If you go from another country, you will enjoy the atmosphere more than anyone else.

Newton Bar is a very quiet bar where you can order cocktails, a few beers and also a cigarette. It is a central place with little noise. You can choose between being inside the bar, or outside on their terrace. If you go to some dinner with friends and then feel like you need to do something else, this bar is a good option. If you are staying in Berlin or went to visit the family and want to go out with them to talk and meet, this is definitely the right place.

Finally, a quiet cocktail bar style. His name is Buck and Breck. Usually full at 8:30 pm, an hour when the party is just beginning. If you are visiting Berlin, remember to arrive early. To recognize the bar, you will see a pink flamingo and a neon sign. It is a good place to go with a couple or with a group of friends.

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