Famous Bars in the City of Love

Paris is the city of love, but it can also be the city of fun. If on your vacation you think to go and take a walk, I leave you some bars that you can visit before leaving the city. Who knows, maybe on a night of drinks you can find the love of your life or simply a companion. Thousands of stories can tell the streets of Paris and you cannot stay without knowing some of its bars.

This bar is located in the Saint-Germain district in an area which is surrounded by many restaurants and bars. Its name is Chez Georges. I must point out that there are not too many tourists attending this bar, as it is really their residents who are going to have a good time. Anyway, that a tourist goes is not at all strange, since from time to time it happens. What I can assure you is that you could certainly spend a very good night. Their main drinks are the red wine and the vin chaud (hot wine with spices) and the atmosphere is totally French, so you already know what music you will listen to.

Concrete is a very different bar. Why? Because it’s a bar that becomes club, then brunch, then bar again. It is open all day (the truth is that it closes at 7 am, but it reopens so fast that you do not even notice it). So if you want to spend 3 days of party, with different atmospheres, then this is the place. Here you will find international music from the best Dj’s and an atmosphere that will make you want to dance. If you come from tourism, without a doubt, this is a bar that you must visit.

Now I present you a bar that has a very curious name. It is the Castor Club, a bar that has a retro wave in which they place country of the 50’s. Its menu in cocktails is so wide, that it won the prize of “best cocktail bar”. Drinks can range from simple things to the most eccentric, you and your tastes have to choose. It’s a bar that has a prize, it’s a bar that you should visit.


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