Great bars in San Francisco

If you are a risky traveler and want to give yourself a taste in the city of San Francisco, then I will leave you some bars, and the things you can do in them, so that with pencil and paper write down which one you should go. Each one has its difference, which is why they are so special. We could talk about simple bars, but it would not make much sense. If you visit them, I hope you tell us one day and see how well you can pass it on.

The first on the list is the Marrakech Magic Theater. We know, it does not sound like a bar. The truth is that it is and people have a great time. In addition to being a bar, it is also a place of entertainment, in which a magician makes his own. You can spend a few hours laughing at it and then if you want to dine, you can book at the restaurant which is right next door.

Biscuits and Blues is located at 401 Mason St. At this location you can dine and listen to live music (mostly Blues) after 07:30 pm. Every night play different groups, so you can be sure there will be variety. In addition, the variety of dishes is wide, from nachos to spinach and shrimp salad.

If you want to enjoy the whole city of San Francisco, then you must go to Cityscape Bar & Lounge, from there you will surely. This bar opens at 5:00 pm and from there you can appreciate a 360 ° panoramic view of the city. You can have some drinks and choose between some dishes. Although with the view that you will have in front, it will cost you to concentrate on something more. The room is built in “u” shape and has some tables, stools, a central bar and bistro tables.

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